2012 Festival Poster

2012 Festival Poster – About the Artist

Robert Christian Hemme

2012 Greek Fest Poster SmallThe artwork chosen for this year’s festival marketing was created by Robert Christian Hemme. The painting illustrates dancers from the 2010 high school folk dance group – “The Merry Makers”.

Christian began his art career at 12, training under Marit Guild, learning the foundations of representational art. Christian graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a BS degree in visual arts with a concentration in commercial art. Christian’s focus is on creating figurative and landscape paintings in oils, working in the classical
representational style of fine art.

Christian is passionate about art but even more passionate about Jesus Christ and he believes the most poignant and touching works of art come from portraying the masterpiece of God’s creation: humankind.

As his career unfolds, Christians strives to create increasingly masterful and intellectually compelling art. Technique alone is not the sole objective; the concept or story behind the painting is of paramount importance. Art is communication of the artist’s message through a visual medium; the way the pigment is applied clarifies that message and makes it attractive.

This particular painting was inspired by Christian’s love of foreign cultures and the energy and colorfulness of the Glenzethes Dancers at the Greek Festival. The original painting will be on display at the festival along with some of Hemme’s other work.

Christian has received many awards in his career. A list of his awards and examples if his artwork can be viewed at www.christianhemmefineart.com.