Chicken Dinner (Kotopoulo) – One-quarter chicken baked Greek style served with manestra, Greek style green beans and tsoureki bread.

Roast Lamb Dinner (Arni) – Sliced roast lamb cooked with greek seasoning, garlic and lemon, served with Greek style green beans, manestra and tsoureki bread.

Lamb Shanks Dinner – Served with manestra, green beans and tsoureki Greek bread.

Pastitso (click link for recipe) – Layered, baked macaroni with a seasoned tomato-cinnamon meat sauce topped with creamy béchamel and cheese sauce.

Moussaka (click for recipe)– Layered eggplant with seasoned meat sauce topped with creamy béchamel sauce.

Spanakopita (click for recipe) – Flaky spinach and feta triangles made with buttered filo.

Tiropita – Flaky triangular-shaped cheese-filled pastry made with buttered filo.

Dolmathes (click for recipe) – Grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice and herbs.

Greek Salad – Small/Large Lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad topped with feta cheese, peppers and black olives, served with traditional greek vinaigrette dressing. Available in small and large serving.

Greek Style Green Beans (ala carte) – Green beans slow cooked until tender in tomato sauce, olive oil and onions.

Manestra (ala carte) – Orzo cooked with tomatoes and chicken broth.

Taverna Grill
Gyro – A savory pita bread filled with grilled seasoned meat topped with tomatoes, onions and special tzatziki sauce on warm pita bread.

Souvlakia – Grilled chicken shis-ke-bob marinated in lemon, olive oil and spices. Topped with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce served on warm pita bread.

Sausage (Loukaniko) – Grilled seasoned sausage topped with onion, tomato and tzatziki yogurt sauce served on warm pita bread.

Greek Fries – Fried potatoes seasoned to perfection with a combination of Greek spices.

Calamari – Tender squid, lightly breaded and fried and served with lemon juice and cocktail sauce.

Chicken Tenders – A dish for the kids – fried chicken tenders served with Greek fries.

Greek Salad – (Small/Large) Lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad topped with feta cheese, black olives, served with traditional Greek vinaigrette dressing.

Greek Pastries
Baklava (Regular or Chocolate) – Delicate layers of buttered filo pastry, spices, and chopped almonds and walnuts drizzled with honey syrup.

Baklava Pasta

Pasta (click for recipe) – Layered custard dessert topped with almonds. A Pensacola favorite!

Ergolavos – Almond, macaroon crescent cookies covered with sliced almonds.

Grecian Torte – Three-layered chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, dipped in chocolate

Kok (Vanilla or Chocolate) – Honey flavored sponge cake with custard filling, topped with a glaze.

Napolean – Layered puff pastry filled with cream and topped with sugar.

Koulourakia (click for recipe) – Dozen butter cookies.

Kourambiedes (click for recipe) – Buttered cookies topped with powdered sugar. These are the national cookie of Greece, served at Christmas and New Year’s Day and on special occasions.

Paximadia – Greek biscotti. Great with coffee in the morning.

Tsourekia – Traditional sweet Greek bread.

Floyeres – Nuts, butter and spices rolled in filo and topped with syrup.

Kataifi – Shredded pastry filled with almonds and walnuts and drizzled with honey syrup.

Baklava Sundaes – Hand dipped vanilla ice cream with pieces of baklava. Sold under the big tent by the drink booth.

Beverages – Soft drinks, bottled water, premium beers and wines (by the glass or the bottle) are served from beverage tents throughout the grounds. Beer; Wine by glass; Wine by the bottle; canned sodas/bottled water

Regular and Decaf American coffees are available for sale in the Gift Booth for $1
Iced Greek Coffee (frappes) are available in the Gift Booth for $3 each.
Greek coffee $2